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SoftLight Hair Removal & Skin Care System: advanced technology for the lasting removal of excess and unwanted hair


Three Steps to Beautiful Skin

- Skin Preparation

- SoftLight Treatment

- Post Treatment Skin Care

SoftLight Hair Removal

- Light-absorbing SoftLight Activating Lotion™ is applied to the treatment area

- Laser energy is absorbed by the lotion, disabling the hair follicle

- SoftLight has been carefully tested for its safety and effectiveness

SoftLight treatments work with hair growth cycles to deliver lasting results. Because hair grows in cycles, follow-up treatments are needed to treat any new growth. Multiple SoftLight treatments allow the laser to reach more hair follicles during the active growth phase (Anagen) for optimal results.

SoftLight Benefits: Imagine...

- The confidence of looking and feeling your best

- The convenience of lasting hair removal

- The feel of silkier, smoother, more beautiful skin

Imagination is reality... with SoftLight.

Choose the Treatment Plan that Works Best for You

- Premier Value Plan: offers the maximum value and benefits

- you'll enjoy longer lasting confidence and convenience, plus the feel of silkier, smoother, more beautiful skin

- Assurance Plan: a treatment plan tat begins to work with your hair growth cycles

- Introductory Plan: an introduction to discover the SoftLight experience of beautiful skin

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